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Free Consultation (800) 294-0055
“Watts has soared to the top of the highly competitive personal injury law business.” March 12, 2003
“At my request Watts flew to California and completely took over every detail in my automotive defect case. Seven months later, a large recovery was in hand.” Bernard Freedman, Los Angeles, California
“Their work in my son’s case helped force the recall of 19,000,000 deadly tires.” Vicki Hendricks
“In the driver’s seat, trial lawyer, Mikal Watts doesn’t even know where the brake pedal is. Watts is making a mark in establishing the benchmark rates for settlement in major tort litigation. Seen as having almost mystic powers in a courtroom." Texas Lawyer
“Watts brilliant cross examination techniques were impressive to the jury and a major factor in the jury awarding punitive damages against Chrysler.” Reese Joye
"Watts has established a record as one of the most effective plaintiffs trial lawyers in the United States." National Law Journal
"Working with Watts and others to overwhelm Chrysler in the minivan liftgate latch litigation was some of the most inspiring legal work of my career. The guy really knows how to put together the proof of corporate misconduct in automotive defect cases.” Scott Schermerhorn, Billings, Montana
“Watts legal shrewdness is legendary." Corpus Christi Caller Times
“The trucking company told me they weren’t at fault. My lawyers overwhelmed our opponents at trial, and the size of our award proves it." Jesus Lopez, Plaintiff
“When my client was killed in a rollover in Salt Lake City, I knew their firm had the national reach to achieve justice for my client. I was right.” Kent Livesay, Salt Lake City, Utah
“Watts stormed into Arizona, and had multiple settlements within months of his arrival.” Jesse Guerra
“We have worked together to successfully resolve more than one auto defect case. Whether it involves fires or door latches, this guy knows his business.” Ross Buchanan, Denver, Colorado
”When a Fortune 500 company breached our contract, we turned to Watts Guerra Craft for help. We knew that the firm was not afraid to go after a large corporation. We needed lawyers with the resources and the reputation to fight for our rights. Mikal Watts, Ed Allred, Chris Goodpastor, and the entire team were exactly the solution we needed.” Kristin K. Goodale, Austin, Texas
“They completely overwhelmed the automotive defendant in my case, putting together a full court press.” Alan Pinkerton, San Diego, California
“Mikal Watts has achieved settlements in the three cases I have referred to him. He is aggressive and works the hell out of his cases.” Tommy Turner
“When searching for the most powerful and well-equipped law firm to handle my personal injury and commercial cases in the United States, the obvious choice was Watts Guerra Craft. They provide top-notch service and legal representation to my clients.” Arturo Morales Gracia, Monterrey, Mexico
"Watts is the most effective young lawyer I have ever worked with. He took a complex products liability case rejected by five other firms and turned it into money in less than a year.” H.L. O’Neal
"No firm, regardless of size, is more capable of taking on the defendants in large, complex automotive products liability cases.” Jean H. O Shaw, Bandera, Texas
“They successfully resolved my automotive defect case. Even though they case involved extremely difficult factual problems and incredibly complex legal issues involving the laws of several different states, Watts took on some of the largest law firms in New York City to achieve a full recovery for our client.” Joseph Dwyer
“They got our complex personal injury case ready for trial with amazing speed.” Tom Johnson, Willmar, Minnesota
“The case I tried with Mikal Watts resulted in a successful verdict. He was well-prepared and effective in front of our jury. I hope we team up again in a future case.” Roe Frazier, Jackson, Mississippi
“The people working at that firm are some of the brightest, hardworking people I have ever seen work on a lawsuit. They produce amazing results year after year.” Tom Hays, Lexington, Kentucky
“They come into a foreign state, and whip the cases into shape like they’re working in their own backyard.” Jeff Perloff, Mobile, Alabama
”Watts is the most devastating practitioner of the art of cross examination that I have ever seen.” Newt Porter, Miami, Florida
"Mikal Watts has guided thousands of my cases through a federal multi-district litigation case. He excels in pressure-packed situations, and obviously had the respect of our federal judge.” Mark Sledge, Jackson, Mississippi
”We wanted to partner with Watts firm in our patent infringement lawsuit.” Joel Leeman, Boston, Massachusetts
“When my doctor put in my hip implant, neither he nor I knew it was contaminated. When we found out, we went to Mikal Watts. He tried our case." Helen Rupp, Plaintiff
“Watts has soared to the top of the highly competitive personal injury law business." USA Today
“Watts has grilled a number of CEO's & Mr. Watts helped take the deposition testimony of Chrysler Corp. Chairman, Robert J. Eaton. After the tape was shown in federal court in Charleston, S.C. last year, the jury returned a verdict against Chrysler, including damages intended to punish the company." Wall Street Journal
“Most describe him as a hardworking, smart and formidable courtroom adversary who also drives a hard bargain in settlement talks." San Antonio Express News
“Mikal Watts took on the best, most powerful defense lawyer in town; he was completely prepared, and very, very persuasive in the courtroom.” Anonymous
“Chosen as one of Texas’ Super Lawyers 2003 and presently listed in "Go To Guide to Texas’ Top Notch Lawyers." Texas Monthly
“Watts is a very skilled lawyer. His dedication to the practice of law is exceeded only by his tremendous talents as a trial attorney.” Jon Givens, Anchorage, Alaska
“They have a unique ability to formulate a case strategy, to pin down crucial fact issues and to position the parties and the lawyers in such a way that victory becomes highly likely, even a victory like the case they just won.” Don Steier
“Watts Guerra Craft do excellent work on automotive product liability cases.” Yvonne Azar, Denver, Colorado
“I’ve worked with Watts Guerra Craft on pharmaceutical and other product defect cases, and continue to do so when the opportunity arises.” Gary Patterson, Wichita, Kansas
“We have worked on a referral basis with Watts Guerra Craft on both Fen-Phen and Vioxx cases. We value and respect their professionalism, promptness and attention to understanding and developing their relationship with our firm and our mutual clients. We have found Watts Guerra Craft to be aggressive, trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable in handling even the most complex legal issues and cases. We cherish the relationship with our firm and highly recommend their services and association to clients and attorneys alike.” Rod Pagel, North Dakota
”No one knows Ford Motor Company better. They achieved substantial and speedy justice for our client.” David Jaramillo, Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Since our relationship together began three years ago, our firms have joint ventured six cases, and have achieved recoveries.” Phil Watkins
“When the roof of my client’s truck crushed in on him in a wreck, I hired Watts firm to pursue his claims. No firm is better equipped to pursue rollover defect claims." Tim Eves, Huntington, West Virginia
“They expertly prepared and tried our case. Their tireless work and excellent trial presentation resulted in a substantial verdict for our clients which included punitive damages.” Mario Castillo, Laredo, Texas
“When working with Watts on automotive defect cases, I saw some of the best lawyering I have ever seen.” Wolfgang Mueller, Farmington Hills, Michigan
“Being one of the most prominent law firms in Mexico City, we take great care and pride when we associate law firms in the United States. We only work with the best and the brightest. It is for this reason that we choose Watts Guerra Craft when joint venturing cases. Their reputation is exceptional and their work product is second to none.” Luis A. Cervantes Muniz, Mexico City, Mexico
“Watts is the best. He has settled cases I referred him in the past several years.” Albert Huerta
“Watts and I have been working cases together for over a decade. We have achieved favorable recoveries for our clients. There is no one I’d rather trust my cases to.” Vance Owen, Los Angeles, California
“He’s not only very bright and very intelligent, but he’s also very creative. He’s going to be a force to be reckoned with for a long, long time. He has unending energy.” Tab Turner, Little Rock, Arkansas
“They took an extremely difficult liability case from me, prepared it quickly, tried it in Chicago in an expert fashion, and achieved a recovery for our clients.” Steve Levin
“That firm’s work in complex product cases is simply outstanding.” Patrick A. Dawson, Atlanta, Georgia
“He is extremely well prepared and takes excellent care of our clients. Whether it be an individual case or a mass tort project, I like to partner with Watts firm. His outstanding results and abilities as a trial lawyer speak for themselves.” Jim Adler, Houston, Texas
”Working on cases with them means getting things done right in a hurry.” Gibby Andry, New Orleans, Louisiana