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Free Consultation (800) 294-0055

Refer A Case

Watts Guerra works diligently in courts across the country in personal injury litigation, mass torts, and commercial cases. We take great pride in the fact that our client ledger includes many cases we work on with other law firms.

For over twenty years, Mikal C. Watts has remained one of the most successful and most trusted litigators in the country. Mr. Watts, along with his partner Frank Guerra, leads a team of exceptional lawyers. Our firm handles cases across the country on a regular basis. We would be honored to work with you and to put our knowledge to work for your clients.

Every month of the year, our lawyers help attorneys from across the United States obtain verdicts, judgments, and settlements for their clients, working with them as a team. We consider our co-counsel and referral relationships one of our most valuable assets.


We routinely act as local counsel or co-counsel for out-of-state law firms handling major litigation throughout Texas. We handle cases that range from intellectual property issues and contract disputes to tire defects claims and wrongful death. We have substantial experience in the state and federal courts of Texas, garnering large victories for our clients. Our role can be extensive, or relatively limited, depending upon your needs. We can serve as lead trial counsel, or take on a specific role. If you are an out-of-state lawyer looking for local counsel in Texas to assist you in representing your client, contact Watts Guerra today.

Joint Venture

Sometimes a case can come to a lawyer who does not have the financial capacity to handle it, or to a lawyer who is too busy, or the issues are too complicated. We can help you with our virtually unlimited resources. We can joint venture a case with another law firm to supply the funding and expertise necessary to to allow the client to receive the best work we can offer with other fine firms.

Referral Relationships

Attorneys that do business with Watts Guerra become part of our extended family. We enjoy sharing our luxury suites for sporting events, hunting trips and other business entertainment opportunities with our family of law firms.

We have the resources, the experience and the proven track record to attempt to help you get the maximum compensation for your cases. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together.