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Defective Industrial Products

When you’ve been injured on the job because of equipment with a design or manufacturing defect, it’s important to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney. The national law firm of Watts Guerra has the skills and resources necessary to handle complex product liability cases.

Manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, tools, and vehicles used on the job should be safe when used properly. But all too often these industrial products come with manufacturing and design defects that can cause serious injury and even death.

Defective industrial products injure hundreds of people in America every year. But defective industrial products don’t receive the same media attention as consumer product recalls do. Even though accidents caused by defective industrial products can be severe, sometimes these products will never be recalled. It might not even be obvious that the product was defective. That’s why speaking with a personal injury attorney after an on-the-job accident is so important. A good personal injury firm will have knowledge and resources to investigate and identify the defect that caused the accident.

When you’ve been injured by a defective industrial product, speaking with a qualified personal injury attorney is your best course of action to protect your family and your future.

Personal Injury Attorneys Experienced with Product Liability Litigation

Watts Guerra is uniquely positioned to handle product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers of defective products. Our years of experience, combined with our dedication and resources, have made us a leader in product liability litigation.

Watts Guerra

Manufacturing companies often have substantial amounts of money to invest in retaining top-tier lawyers who will work aggressively and solely for the interests of the companies that are paying them. Our firm can offer you equally skilled and aggressive representation.

The law firm of Watts Guerra has a unique standing among America’s personal injury and product liability law firms. Our attorneys have handled some of the largest and most complex personal injury cases in American legal history.

The national law firm of Watts Guerra is one of America’s leading personal injury and product liability firms, able to assist individuals and families anywhere in the United States. If you’ve been injured in an on-the-job accident caused by a defective industrial consumer product, contact us online or call us at (800) 294-0055.