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Agricultural Mass Torts

Farmers increasingly rely on large agricultural companies to supply the seed and materials they need to feed the world. But these companies also have the power to cause serious damage to small farmers. If you’ve suffered a serious financial loss as a result of the actions of an agricultural company, contact the national law firm of Watts Guerra.

Companies like ConAgra, Monsanto, and Bayer CropScience have a huge presence in the world’s food market, but it’s often the small farmer who bears the brunt of their actions. Decisions by these firms can have a significant impact on crop prices. Actions these companies take can even threaten the livelihood of the farmers who grow their crops.

If you’ve suffered serious financial damages because of the actions of a large agricultural company, consulting with an experienced attorney is you best course of action.

Agricultural Mass Tort Lawsuits

Mass production is the very nature of big agribusiness. When one agriculture or farming company causes significant damages, hundreds and even thousands of farmers can suffer severe financial consequences. For this reason, cases against agricultural companies are often handled in a type of lawsuit called a “mass tort”.

A mass tort happens when a number of cases are brought together in a single court and evidence is shared between the cases. Mass torts are often confused with class action lawsuits, but they are actually very different. In class action suits, a large number of plaintiffs are all given the same financial award, in mass torts each individual case is still decided on its own.

Experienced Agriculture Attorneys

Big agriculture is big business, and like all big business, the large companies which work with farmers have vast resources and top-tier legal teams working for them. When you need to file a lawsuit against a major agricultural company, you need to work with a firm that can put equal resources to work for you.

With 23 attorneys, extensive staff, and multiple locations, our firm can offer resources for managing defective consumer product cases above and beyond what other firms have to offer. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully fight for small farmers against big agribusiness.

Watts Guerra

The law firm of Watts Guerra LLP has a unique standing among America’s mass tort and personal injury law firms. Our attorneys have handled some of the largest and most complex cases in American legal history.

The national law firm of Watts Guerra is one of America’s leading law firms, able to assist individuals and families anywhere in the United States. If you’re a farmer who has suffered a significant financial loss due to the actions of an agricultural company, contact us online or call us at (800) 294-0055.