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Oil and Gas Law

The attorneys at Watts Guerra are qualified and experienced at handling disputes that come under oil and gas law.

Doing business in the energy sector can be contentious. Contract disputes, breach of contract, tortuous interference, usurpation of corporate interest, partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of oil and gas lease disputes, and other matters needing litigation come up all too frequently.

Oil and gas law can be highly complex. Oil and gas law involves local, state, federal and even international law, and a complex regulatory framework. Many provisions in oil and gas contracts will differ from standard contracts. Oil and gas leases can be much more complicated than other types of leases, and states may even have statutes which can void portions of a contract.

For this reason, if you’re involved in a dispute that touches any of the many areas that oil and gas law covers, seeking the advice of a qualified attorney is your best course of action.

Watts Guerra

The law firm of Watts Guerra has a unique standing among America’s commercial law firms.  With offices across Texas, and private planes capable of flying our lawyers across the country, Watts Guerra has the knowledge, resources and logistical capabilities to address commercial litigation anywhere in the United Sates.

The national commercial law firm of Watts Guerra has a dedicated, experienced teams of attorneys working on oil and gas law cases. If you need the advice of an attorney in any aspect of commercial oil and gas law, contact us online or call us at (800) 294-0055.