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Lender Liability

Lender liability law protects borrowers from the bad faith actions of financial institutions. If you or or your business have been injured by a breach of contract or other bad faith action on the part of a financial institution, contact the national law firm of Watts Guerra.

Borrowers have every right to expect lenders to act in good faith. But when financial institutions fail to live up to their side of the bargain and harm lenders through bad-faith action or the withdrawal of promised services, borrowers have the right to hold the financial company accountable.

Lender liability law states that lenders must treat their borrowers fairly. When financial institutions fail to do this, the borrowers are entitled to file a civil lawsuit. There are a number of grounds on which lender liability lawsuits can be filed, but two of the most common ones are breach of contract and fraud.

If you’ve suffered a significant financial loss as the result of a bad-faith action by a lender, speaking with a qualified commercial attorney is your best course of action.

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Watts Guerra will represent individuals and businesses who have suffered significant harm as a result the bad conduct of a lender. We have extensive experience at successfully fighting the vast resources of financial services companies. Our experience has helped us to achieve both negotiated settlements and successful verdicts.

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The law firm of Watts Guerra has a unique standing among America’s commercial law firms. With multiple locations and a staff led by 23 experienced, elite attorneys, Watts Guerra has the knowledge, resources and dedication to address commercial litigation anywhere in the United Sates.

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