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When companies commit fraud, they do so because they expect to get away with it. The national commercial law firm of Watts Guerra is experienced at holding companies that commit fraud accountable.
As the last few years have shown, large institutions are not immune from the temptation to acquire wealth by dubious means. Investment firms, insurance providers, and other companies have used dubious practices to cheat and defraud those whose interests they are obligated to protect.

Experienced Commercial and Securities Fraud Attorneys

Prosecuting commercial fraud requires experienced, committed legal representation from a law firm with experience and significant financial resources. Watts Guerra has significant experience helping clients who have been the victims of fraud hold the companies that have injured them accountable for their actions.

The increase in securities fraud due to questionable practices have come to light, as in a difficult economy companies large and small have played fast and loose with their duties to investors. Watts Guerra has represented plaintiffs in class actions and individual cases involving securities fraud.

Watts Guerra

The law firm of Watts Guerra has a unique standing among America’s commercial law firms. Watts Guerra has the knowledge, resources and dedication to address commercial litigation anywhere in the United Sates.

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