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Free Consultation (800) 294-0055
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$145,745,053 AGRICULTURAL Loss Fees $54,553,764 Expenses $735,890 Net to Client $90,455,399
$44,161,179 Bad Drugs Fees $17,404,496 Expenses $1,372,464 Net to Client $25,387,216
$42,476,283 Commercial Litigation Fees $9,546,011 Expenses $3,705,626 Net to Client $29,224,646
$18,701,129 Product Liability Fees $6,977,257 Expenses $1,697,622 Net to Client $10,026,249
$18,100,000 Commercial Vehicle Accident Fees $6,033,333 Expenses $74,997 Net to Client $11,991,670
$15,000,000 Auto Accident Fees $6,200,000 Expenses $118,828 Net to Client $9,101,172
$14,600,000 Workplace Injury Fees $5,120,000 Expenses $292,886 Net to Client $9,187,114
$4,000,000 Medical Malpractice Fees $1,160,000 Expenses $287,561 Net to Client $2,112,439
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Large – Our firm employs a team across cities in Texas and California. With our main office in the Dominion in San Antonio, our mass tort office near the medical center in San Antonio, and a third office in Austin, we boast one of the larger, more experienced plaintiff-side lawyer rosters in the country, with some of the best trial lawyers in their respective areas of practice. Additionally, we have convenient office locations in Brownsville, Corpus Christi, and Odessa, Texas and Santa Rosa and Chico, California to provide premier legal representation in Texas & California. We have strength in numbers and in talent.

Outstanding – Our results speak for themselves. Our resources are larger than most firms, enabling us to invest tens of millions of dollars at once to battle the largest corporations in the world. We will go to work for you, employing the best experts, and using the most up-to-date technology available.

Fast – Full-time pilots on our staff fly private planes on a moment’s notice, enabling our lawyers to quickly meet with clients and travel easily to depositions, mediations and trials across the country. We will aggressively seek the first trial setting for your case, never wasting time to bring justice to our deserving clients.

We will go to work for you, employing the best experts, and using the most
up-to-date technology.
We are a team of skilled attorneys with a devotion to personal attention and a commitment to achieving the highest level of results.

Contingency Fees

The lawyers of Watts Guerra have a proven track record of serious, high-value results.  We believe in our ability to win your case; therefore, we accept all of our cases on a contingency fee basis.

You will not owe us anything unless we recover on your behalf.


Exceptional Results

We’ve won groundbreaking trials for individuals catastrophically injured by defective products and drugs. We’ve beaten the largest and most powerful corporations in America, yielding substantial verdicts and settlements and, more importantly, greater consumer safety for everyone. For more info, contact us today.

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They have a unique ability to formulate a case strategy, to pin down crucial fact issues and to position the parties and the lawyers in such a way that victory becomes highly likely. Dan Stier
When my doctor put in my hip implant, neither he nor I knew it was contaminated. When we found out, we went to Mikal Watts. He tried our case. Helen Rupp
Watts has soared to the top of the highly competitive personal injury law business. USA Today
Chosen as one of Texas’ Super Lawyers 2003 and presently listed in "Go To Guide to Texas’ Top Notch Lawyers. Texas Monthly
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“Watts has established a record as one of the most effective plaintiffs trial lawyers in the United States.”
National Law Journal 2013

AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT LIABILITY: Our trial lawyers led the nation in representing people who were maimed or killed by defective Firestone tires and unstable Ford Explorers. Our firm’s work helped lead to Congressional hearings in 2001, and the recall of millions of Firestone ATX and Wilderness tires.

PHARMACEUTICAL MASS TORTS: We were proud to represent pharmaceutical victim Margie Sanchez, whose liver was destroyed by the diabetes drug Rezulin, helping her to receive a significant jury award in the first Rezulin trial in the nation.

DANGEROUS MEDICAL DEVICES: Likewise, our lawyers represented Naomi Bonorden, Helen Rupp and Lillian Sallinger, who received an award from Sulzer Medica. The Sulzer hip trial was won when we proved that defective hip implants led to painful extraction and revision surgeries.

COMMERCIAL LITIGATION: We’ve also won for companies and business owners. People like Russell Grigsby, the CEO of a nationwide securities trading firm forced out by his partners who later sold their company for $150 million. Called in shortly before trial, we dedicated weeks to help present Grigsby’s case to a panel of arbitrators who then awarded him $43 million* for his partners’ securities fraud and minority shareholder oppression. Attorney Fees: $12,274,249.79; Expenses: $977,466.04; Net to client: $29,224,646.

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