Product Liability

Product Liability

We live in a world surrounded by material goods, and we depend upon the safety of the objects that we use and work with in our everyday lives.  But when manufacturers fail in their responsibility to produce safe products, innocent people can be severely - even fatally - injured. If you've been harmed by a defective product, consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney about filing a product liability lawsuit is the best way to seek compensation.

The national personal injury law firm of Watts Guerra employs 23 attorneys, 18 legal assistants, 5 legal investigators, 3 full-time pilots, 10 legal secretaries, 15 administrative staff and numerous support staff. Our firm is uniquely positioned among personal injury attorneys in America, with strength in numbers, available resources, and dedication to take on the most complex legal issues against large corporate defendants.

Automotive Defects

When you've been injured due to a defective automobile or automotive part, it is crucial to hire a lawyer with experience handling product liability cases to obtain compensation for your injuries, or the wrongful death of your loved one.
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Tire Defects

A suprising number of automobile accidents are caused by defective tires. When you're driving at sixty miles an hour, you need tires you can depend upon. When those tires fail, you need a personal injury attorney who will fight the tire manufacturer to get you justice.
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Defective Consumer Products

Defective consumer products harm tens of thousands of Americans every year. If you've been injured due to a defective product, the experienced personal injury and product liability attorneys at Watts Guerra can work with you to help you make a case against the manufacturer and other responsible parties.
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Defective Industrial Products

Defective equipment causes many work-related accidents in America each month.  Often times, an employer or other corporate representative will push an injured worker or their family toward workers compensation or a quick settlement.  Before you sign away your rights, you should speak with an experienced workplace accident lawyer who has handled defective industrial products cases. 
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Fire Litigation

The law firm of Watts Guerra has the resources to work with top-tier forensic fire investigation experts to determine the cause and origin of fires. Using the latest scientific techniques, our investigative teams can help identify the origins of a fire and identify where the the fault for the fire lies.
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