Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

The complexities of commercial litigation require a law firm with the experience and resources to successfully negotiate - and litigate - to protect the interest of its clients.

The national commercial law firm of Watts Guerra employs 23 attorneys, 18 legal assistants, 5 legal investigators, 3 full-time pilots, 10 legal secretaries, 15 administrative staff and numerous support staff. Our firm is uniquely positioned among commercial attorneys in America, with strength in numbers, available resources, and dedication to take on the most complex legal issues.

Qui Tam / Whistleblower Litigation

If you have knowledge of companies committing fraud against the Federal Government, there's a law that offers you protection and entitles you to share in any settlement. The experienced attorneys at Watts Guerra can help you file a whistleblower lawsuit and help you serve the course of justice.
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Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property is often a business’ or individual’s most precious asset. Defending that asset from encroachment requires intelligent, aggressive legal counsel, and a firm experienced at handling the complexities of intellectual property law.
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Fraud Litigation

Prosecuting commercial fraud requires experienced, committed legal representation with dedicated attorneys and the resources to back them up. Watts Guerra is an experienced at helping our clients who have been the victims of fraud hold the companies that have injured them accountable for their actions.
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Breach of Contract Litigation

Business disputes almost always involve a breach of contract. When one party fails to live up to the terms of the commercial contract, a civil lawsuit leading to a negotiated settlement, or to a trial, is often the best way to successfully resolve the dispute.
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Oil and Gas Law Litigation

Oil and gas law is a highly complex area of the law, with unique contracts and a significant amount of regulatory overhead. Dealing with a dispute that touches any aspect of oil and gas law requires a law firm with the knowledge, experience and resources to make sure your best interests effectively and efficiently covered.
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Employment / FLSA Litigation

Employers have an obligation under Federal law to compensate their employees fairly for their work. If you've been wronged by your employer in a way that violates the FLSA, you have the right to file a ciivl lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries.
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Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

If you suspect you've been the victim of a breach of fiduciary duty, consulting with a qualified commercial attorney who can stand up for your rights is your best course of action.
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Lender Liability Litigation

Lender liability law protects borrowers from the bad faith actions of financial institutions. If you or or your business have been injured by a breach of contract or other bad faith action on the part of a financial institution, contact the experienced lender liability firm of Watts Guerra.
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