Your Road to Recovery after a Work-related Accident

on 10/01/2012

A guest blog post by California Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, Bisnar Chase:

When people are injured on the job, federal and state law provides that they have the right to collect payment for their injuries and loss of work time, as well as other expenses, under a system known as "worker's compensation." Worker's compensation is designed to protect employees from being left with nothing when they are unable to work due to an injury that is, technically, the employer's responsibility. However, worker's compensation does not often provide all the money necessary for payment of expenses related to an injury sustained at work.

Often, worker's compensation benefits are minimal and provide for only the basic level of medical care. Worker's compensation also provides little to nothing in reparative damages if the employer was deliberately negligent about an employee’s safety. Under worker's compensation law, few employees ever receive any payments for pain and suffering and the other intangible costs related to a worker’s compensation accident.

A Mission Viejo personal injury attorney can help someone who has been injured in a work-related accident recover the full amount of damages due to him or her, as well as a sum for pain and suffering. All costs will be assessed and accounted for by a Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer, instead of the worker being forced to accept payment according to some scale concocted by the government. Further, by consulting a personal injury lawyer in Mission Viejo, injured workers can be sure that their personal rights are protected.

Worker’s compensation was designed to protect workers as a group, not address the individual rights and needs of workers. Under worker's compensation, you are treated as a typical case, not as the individual you are. Your accident is not assessed on its individual merits but as part of a “type” of worker’s compensation accident with all the attendant rules and regulations governing payment of your injuries. With a personal injury attorney, however, you receive special, individualized attention to your case and are assured that your needs are considered. Talk to a personal injury attorney today about your work-related accident. You will be surprised at the courteous and individualized attention you receive. Best of all, your initial consultation is free, and your personal injury attorney collects no money until your case is settled. A skilled attorney can give you the facts about your case and advise you to either pursue worker's compensation or choose a personal injury lawsuit as the best way to handle your claim.

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