What is Your Personal Injury Accident Worth?

on 06/10/2012

You may never have thought about your value as a person in the eyes of the law, but rest assured that other people have, and this will become obvious if you are ever involved in a personal injury accident. Personal injury accidents, by their nature, cause us to place a value on human life and the quality of that life in order to allow victims to collect damages from those who hurt them.

This idea bothers many people. After all, how can we assign a value to a human life? Are some people’s lives worth more than others? What determines how valuable someone is in the eyes of the law? These are questions that CA personal injury attorneys struggle to help clients understand the answers to every day.

Being involved in a personal injury lawsuit can make you feel that others do not place a high value on your life. When insurance companies, defense lawyers, and others offer you a small amount of money to simply “go away,” it can make you feel that they believe your life is not very important. For this reason, you need someone on your side who will fight for your rights and help you collect the true value of damages in your personal injury case.

Personal injury lawyers in CA are well aware that they must, at some point, put a price tag on your pain and suffering. This is very difficult to do. First, there is the problem of what makes someone’s life valuable in the eyes of the law. Because there must be some metric to measure against, the law generally regards people who are wage earners as having more potential for making money than those who are unemployed or retired. The law also regards potential future income as a viable standard against which to measure the worth of a lost life or disability. Therefore, children will be assumed in court to be future wage earners.

There are other ways that personal injury attorneys can value cases, but in order to collect large damage sums, it is necessary to show some information to justify as personal injury claim.

No matter what your circumstances, a CA personal injury lawyer will help you collect the largest settlement possible for your injury and will force the defense to recognize your value and worth as a human being. In this way, you will know that someone must acknowledge your loss, pain, and suffering.

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