Two Construction Workers Killed in Dallas Crane Accident

by Shalimar S. Wallis on 07/20/2012

Two construction workers have been reported dead in a crane collapse accident that occurred on the campus of the University Of Texas at Dallas recently. 

The University Of Texas at Dallas has released a statement which confirms that the accident occurred when the crane was being dismantled.  The crane collapsed while it was being dismantled, killing two workers.  According to witnesses, they were alerted to the accident by loud screaming, which was accompanied by a metallic crashing sound. 

Texas construction accident lawyers have also learned that the weather was not right for such dismantling operations.  There was a strong gust of wind, just before the tip over.  The afternoon had been particularly windy, with gusts that were up to 40 mph.  In fact, there is a lot of speculation that the strong winds were a factor in this particular accident. 

The crane was being used in the construction of a new building on campus.  At the end of the accident, the crane lay collapsed on the half-finished building.  Classes were suspended immediately after the accident, but have resumed since.  Students have been told to keep away from the site of the accident. 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration officers have arrived at the scene of the accident, and have begun their investigation.  Work at the scene will not continue until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has completed its investigation, and has removed the damaged crane from the accident site.

The workers were employed by Arizona-based Hunt Construction Group.  The company says that it will partner with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration during the investigation.

The Occupational Safety And Health Administration estimates that as many as 8% of all crane accidents occur because of the collapse of the crane boom.  These are definitely preventable accidents, and can be avoided by investing in worker training and making sure that external conditions are suitable for crane operations.

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