Tire Safety, Experienced Drivers Key to Preventing Van Accidents

by Guy L. Watts II on 07/27/2012

Children on camping trips, church members on retreats and community groups on all kinds of trips - there is no doubt that summer sees larger volumes of 15-passenger van traffic than the rest of the year.  These vans are also linked to a much higher risk of accidents, especially some of the most devastating accidents that Texas car accident lawyers come across - rollovers.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends a combination of tire safety, skilled and experienced driving and safe speeds to reduce the risk of accidents.

Under-inflated or worn-out tires are major risks contributing to rollover accidents involving 15-passenger vans every year.  Your van tires must be properly inflated, and must not be worn out.  Make sure that outdated tires are discarded immediately.

Drive your van at posted speed limits.  Drive especially carefully when you're traveling on slippery roads, or in poor weather conditions or at night when the risks of an accident are even higher.

If you are a church group or other community group that is organizing a trip on a 15-passenger van, make sure that the operator of the van is experienced in handling these vehicles.  There is no doubt that 15-passenger vans are much more difficult to handle, and difficult to maneuver then your sedan.

Avoid all distractions like cell phone use at the wheel.  Also, drivers must refrain from having conversations with passengers.  Drivers must get frequent rest of at least 8 hours in order to remain safe, and reduce the risk of accidents caused by drowsy driving.

Avoid overloading the passenger van.  The number of passengers should never exceed 15, and make sure that you follow all weight specifications for the van.  Ensure that all occupants of the van are safely buckled in.

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