Tire Blowouts and the Chrysler Recall

by Francisco Guerra, IV. on 01/19/2012

Chrysler recalled some 2012 Dodge Charger STR8s and Chrysler 300 STR8s due to the failure of the vehicles Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).  This recall affects approximately 300 vehicles manufactured from May 2, 2011 to November 17, 2011.  The Chrysler and Dodge vehicles’ safety systems fail to warn drivers when tire pressure drops 25 percent lower than its recommended pressure to 24 psi. 

The electronic sophistication of vehicle warning systems creates an environment in which drivers no longer check their own tire pressure; they simply rely on the vehicle to notify them of anything dangerous. And in this case, instead of notifying drivers at 24psi, the TPMS only notifies at 22 psi.  This is particularly dangerous for drivers since the loss of as little as 4 psi can put them at risk for a tire blowout or other dangerous driving situations. 

Low tire pressure can lead to a serious car crash.  Notifying the driver that their tires are dangerously low prevents serious and often fatal car accidents.  Underinflated tires can lead to tire overloading and tire overheating, causing tire blowouts. 

Tires are the only part of your car coming into contact with the road. 

Many factors can impact your vehicle’s tire pressure, including:

  • Natural tire pressure loss of approximately 1 psi per month
  • Temperature changes
  • Road debris causing slow leaks 

Watts Guerra Craft’s defective tire litigation team handled the nationally-famous Firestone tire cases.  In the Firestone tire and rollover litigation, dangerous tire tread separations led to a national tire recall after causing numerous deaths and severe injuries. 

Chrysler is expected to begin their safety recall in February. The company will notify owners and dealers and will make the reprogramming repairs to the vehicles’ TPMS free of charge.

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