Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Guidelines

by Francisco Guerra, IV. on 11/22/2013

As you travel this holiday season, consider safety first. Approximately 90% of holiday travelers will opt for driving over air travel. Per AAA, 44 million people hit the roadways last year, and only 43.4 million will be traveling by car this holiday season. Even fewer people will be traveling by air.

On The Road

As you hit the road with your family in tow, take the following precautions to make sure that you have a happy and safe holiday season.

1. Drive defensively. Watch other drivers on the road, and stay clear of vehicles weaving, unable to maintain speed, or otherwise driving erratically.

2. Drive only when fully rested.  Sleepy or drowsy drivers cause many accidents.  Don’t start your trip exhausted. 

3. Slow down in construction zones.  Be careful to maintain appropriate speeds, watch for construction workers and vehicles, and look for personnel directing traffic.

4. Obey traffic laws.  This might seem obvious, but people often forget the basics.  Maintain the appropriate speed limit, slow down in construction zones, use your blinkers, and ensure that your headlights and taillights are working properly.

5. Do not drive while distracted.  Purchase a hands free device if necessary, but do not use your mobile phone while driving. 

In The Air

If you are traveling by air this year, be prepared for long security lines.  Come to the airport prepared and early.  If you have any questions about what you are allowed to bring with you, review the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Watts Guerra wishes you a very happy start to the holiday season. Be safe in your Thanksgiving travels!

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