Texas DOT Considers Construction Safety Measures on Interstate 35

on 11/15/2012

A string of recent accidents in construction work zones on Interstate-35 near Waco over the past few weeks, has spurred the Texas Department of Transportation into action.  The agency has announced that it will review its construction safety measures in the area.

Since September 18 alone, Texas personal injury lawyers have come across reports of at least three fatal accidents in the region.  The most recent of these occurred in the end of October, when a tractor-trailer crashed into a construction truck.  The construction vehicle upon impact hit a street sweeper, which in turn, crashed into a pickup.  A construction worker who was standing near the street sweeper, was seriously injured, and died from his injuries.  Several other men were also injured as a result of this accident, and one of those injuries included a limb amputation.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, it has seen an increase in the number of accidents on construction zones along Interstate-35, including the Elm Mott and West areas, but most of these accidents have occurred due to motorist error.  The construction companies are doing all that they can to reduce the risk of accidents for workers, but in most cases, these accidents are being caused by motorists who speed through work zones.

The Texas Department of Transportation has now decided to collaborate with the Department of Public Safety, as well as construction contractors in order to analyze what more can be done to reduce the risk of these accidents.  The Texas DOT believes that it has invested in making motorists aware of the need to slow down when they enter construction work zones.  However, the agency has said that it will further review these measures in order to see if any improvements can be made.

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