States with High Construction Fatality Rates Have Low Injury Rates

by P. Brian Berryman on 06/12/2012

According to a new study, states that have high fatality rates in construction accidents tend to have low injury rates in these accidents, while states that have low fatality rates tend to have high construction injury rates. The report also found that San Antonio construction accident attorneys have special reason to be concerned about those statistics - states that have high fatality and lower injury rates tend to be concentrated in the South. 

These states have lower worker’s compensation benefits, and are less likely to have unionized workers.  Workers are also likely to be paid lower in these states.  In those states that have high injury rates and lower fatality rates however, workers tend to be eligible for higher worker’s compensation benefits and wages.  These states also seem to do a much better job of conducting regular workplace inspections to encourage employers to comply with safety regulations, and keep workers safe.

The researchers examined both fatal as well as nonfatal injuries in the construction industry between 2003 and 2005.  There was a special reason for this analysis.  The construction industry is the most dangerous workplace among all American industries.  More people die in accidents in the construction industry than in any other industry.

Hundreds of Texas workers are injured in construction accidents every year.  Those injury rates could be lowered if federal workplace safety agencies conduct more numbers of inspections.  One study that was also reported recently also found that when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts more inspections, workplace injury rates decline.  Not only that, this decline in injury rates also leads to workers compensation savings for employers, and higher profits.

Therefore, investing in workplace safety is simply smart business sense, and all Texas businesses must see it as such.  Stronger compliance with construction safety standards could help prevent so many of the construction accidents that San Antonio construction accident attorneys see every day.

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