Shale Projects Threatened by Shortage of Skilled Oil and Gas Workers

by P. Brian Berryman on 03/19/2013

Oil and gas companies drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale region have a new problem on their hands, and it has nothing to do with the availability of oil and gas.  The problem is that the industry is simply running short of the tens of thousands of skilled oil and gas professionals, including engineers and others, that it estimates that it will require to keep those oil and gas development projects running.

There is as much as $100 billion of projects worth at stake in the Eagle Ford Shale, and the situation is already dire.  Companies are finding it hard to identify and locate the kind of skilled talent pool that they need to implement these massive projects. 

Already, engineers and other oil and gas professionals are the most highly paid professionals in the Shale, earning as much as $285,000 on an average in 2012.  However, even with those exorbitant salaries, it doesn't seem that the shortage or demand is going to peter out anytime soon.  In some fields, Eagle Ford Shale attorneys expect the salary scales to double over the next 7 years. 

Some projects that are already underway are expected to be completed before the next decade, and these companies are likely to be safe from the shortage of workers.  That is because many of these projects are likely to be completed before the expected massive retirement from the global energy workforce.  As much as half of the oil and gas workers in the world are expected to retire over the next 10 years.  That means that there will be an acute shortage of skilled professional workers for the projects that are incomplete.

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