San Antonio Bicyclists Have Right to Safety

by Travis Headley on 12/30/2012

The San Antonio City Council has been trying to get the message out about an ordinance that requires all motorists to give cyclists and others at least 3 feet of clearance when passing them by.  San Antonio injury lawyers have found, however, that many cyclists as well as motorists seem to be unaware of this ordinance.

The San Antonio City Council passed the ordinance in 2010, after several high-profile bicycle accidents, including one that killed 2 cyclists.  A number of people in San Antonio and across Texas now ride bicycles, and biking has been promoted because it releases congestion on our streets.  Besides, biking is just a healthier way to travel.

However, bicyclists may be at risk when motorists drive too close to them, do not give them enough space to pass by, and do not respect their rights of way.  The San Antonio Safe Passing ordinance was meant to protect bicyclists from such drivers. 

It's not just bicyclists who are protected under the ordinance.  Even runners, joggers and construction workers are protected from the ordinance, which guarantees them 3 feet of clearance when motorists pass by.  In the case of commercial vehicles, the minimum clearance is 6 feet.

It's very important that motorists be aware of this law, and make sure that they leave at least 3 feet as they pass by a cyclist, a runner or a construction worker.  These are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads, and every year, hundreds of them are injured in accidents that are caused by motorists who drove too close to them. 

Often, motorists who are driving so close to a cyclist are not doing so out of negligence.  Cyclists are very often the victims of harassment by motorists who drive too close, honk and yell at them, and taunt them, thereby increasing the cyclist’s risk of being involved in an accident.

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