Rock Music, Fast Songs Found to Increase Risky Driving

by Cesar Perez on 03/09/2013

Safe driving does not go with rock music or a fast upbeat tempo.  That's the finding of a new study which seems to indicate that the music that you listen to while driving could increase your risk of an accident.  The researchers measured how music affected the driving styles of 8 participants, and analyzed the changes when they were driving to different types of music.

The study has some very interesting findings for Houston car accident lawyers.  For instance, the researchers found that the most dangerous type of music to listen to while driving came with a fast and upbeat tempo.  That's not so difficult to understand.  Fast-paced music has been known to increase adrenaline levels, and accelerate heartbeat.  When that happens, the person tends to get distracted and is also much more likely to increase speeds.

There were other interesting findings.  For instance, the researchers found that one of the female motorists in the study, who was listening to hip-hop music, was driving much more aggressively than other drivers.  A motorist, who was listening to heavy metal, seemed to increase speeds at much higher rates.

There is definitely no doubt that music does seem to affect a person's driving style.  The safest of music seems to be the kind that has a low beat, and a soothing effect on a person.  For instance, the safest driving song the researchers found was Come Away with Me by Norah Jones.  Other good acts to listen to while driving would be Coldplay and Elton.  The researchers found that the song that was most likely to elicit dangerous driving practices was Hey Mama by the Black Eyed Peas.

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