Record Number of Airbag Defects, Recalls

by Shalimar S. Wallis on 03/11/2013

Airbags are extremely important safety features that are now standard in all automobiles.  They're proven to have saved lives.  Over the past few months, however, there have been a number of defective airbag recalls.  

In fact, 2012 was a record year for airbag recalls.  Last year, there were a total of 22 recalls involving airbags.  This year alone, there have been 1.5 million vehicles recalled for various airbag problems.  These vehicles were recalled by Honda and Toyota. 

In most of these cases, the reason for the recall was failure to deploy, injuries caused during deployment, or inadvertent deployment.  All 3 of these situations are extremely serious, and have the potential to cause serious injuries, or even death. 

When an airbag fails to deploy when it is meant to, it obviously causes serious injuries.  However, there are certain cases in which a defect causes the air bag to deploy even when the car has not met with an accident.  These are even more serious situations, because an airbag inflates at great velocity, increasing the risk of injury to an unsuspecting occupant. 

There have also been some airbag recalls that have been linked to injuries caused from shards of plastic or metal flying off into the passenger from the airbag during deployment.  

Last October, Texas product liability attorneys became aware of another serious problem involving counterfeit airbags.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released an alert that made it clear that thousands of vehicles that had undergone repairs, had possibly been fitted with fake airbags.  These airbags may not protect the occupants in the event of an accident.

Texas personal injury lawyers believe that these airbag defect reports will only increase, as automakers increase the number of airbag systems in every automobile.

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