Proper Use of Personal Protection Equipment Can Help Prevent Injuries

by Mark A. J. Fassold on 08/17/2012

Many of the injuries that occur on a construction site can be prevented if workers are equipped with the personal protection equipment that they need to avoid injuries.  Unfortunately, Houston construction accident lawyers often find that protective gear is either not available to the workers, or they have not been trained to use the equipment properly.  In any case, these failures can result in serious injuries.

The kind of equipment that can help reduce the risk of construction-related injuries includes:

Eye protection gear - this includes face shields, face masks, goggles, and a number of other devices that can help reduce the risk of eye injuries.  Eye protection gear cannot be one-size-fits-all.  There are different types of devices available for different types of activities, depending on the hazards involved.  Workers must be provided the kind of devices that will help protect against injuries when they perform specific activities.

Foot protection gear – this includes heavy work boots that help protect the toes, ankles and feet.

Hand protection gear – this includes gloves that are designed to reduce the risk of injuries in specific environments and activities.

High visibility clothing that can help reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents on a job site, or help make workers more visible during low visibility conditions.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that employers provide workers such safety devices.  For this, employers must first conduct a hazard analysis that helps them to understand the kind of risks that exist on the site, and the specific gear that will prevent these injuries.  It's also important that employers train workers about the right way of using the gear, and the need to wear it while performing the activity. 

There may be other issues involved, like discomfort while wearing the device, stress, low visibility, and employers must address these too.

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