Peg Perergo Strollers Linked to Entrapment, Strangulation Hazards

on 08/19/2012

After several reports of entrapment and strangulation involving infants in its strollers, Peg Perergo has announced a massive recall that involves hundreds of thousands of the offending strollers.

The defect in the strollers is linked to a narrow gap between the tray and the bottom of the seat, which can cause a child to become trapped.  A child can slip through the gap, and become trapped between the tray and the seat.  Strangulation can result. 

At least one fatality has already been linked to the defect.  That fatality involved a 6-month-old boy from California who died after being trapped in the stroller in 2004.  There have also been other near-strangulation incidents, including one involving a 7-month-old child in New York in 2006.

According to Peg Perergo, the strollers were manufactured before voluntary industry standards went into effect in January 2008.  The standard now specifies the gap between the tray and the seat in order to prevent entrapment and strangulation.

The following stroller model numbers are included in the recall.

  • Pliko-P3 Stroller Model Numbers Venezia Stroller Model Numbers
    IPFT28NA64 IPPF28NA65 IPVA13US09
    IPP328MU10 IPPF28NA66 IPVA13US10
    IPP328MU09 IPPF28NA67 IPVA13US32
    IPP328US09 IPPF28NA68 IPVA13US34
    IPP328US10 IPPO28US32 IPVC13NA32
    IPP329US10 IPPO28US34 IPVC13NA34
    IPPA28US32 IPPO28US62
    IPPA28US33 IPPO28US69
    IPPA28US34 IPPO28US70
    IPPD28NA34 IPPO28US71


A total of more than 223,000 strollers in the United States are believed to be involved in the recall. 

Meanwhile, the recall in the United States has sparked concerns about the same strollers in Canada.  Across the border, health agencies have launched a review of the strollers. 

If you're a parent who is currently using these Peg Perego strollers, contact the company for a free repair kit.  Product liability attorneys also warn parents to always secure their children safely when they're in their strollers

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