Hospital ERs Could Do More to Alert Parents to Car Seat Safety

by Shalimar S. Wallis on 04/03/2013

More children could possibly be saved in accidents every year, if only hospital emergency rooms would provide parents with more detailed information about replacement of car seats in an accident.  A new study finds that many hospital ERs around the country are simply not providing parents and caregivers enough information about car seat safety when these parents and their children visit the emergency room.

Every year, more than 130,000 children below the age of 13 suffer injuries in a car accident that are serious enough for them to be rushed to an emergency room.  However, according to the research conducted by the University Of Michigan, hospital ERs do not seem to be doing enough to provide valuable resources to parents about car seat safety and other relevant matters. 

The study found that children who were treated in Hospital ERs that have no specialized pediatricians on staff, are the least likely to receive any proper information about car seat safety information.  Unfortunately, more than 85% of the children studied by the researchers were treated only in the hospital’s general emergency department.

This is in spite of the fact that there are very clear-cut guidelines by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about what should happen after a car with a car seat is involved in an accident.  The federal agency very clearly advises that all car seats be replaced after the accident.  The only exemptions are those accidents where there is no airbag deployment, no vehicle intrusion near the car seat, and no injuries resulting from the accident.  Another exemption is if the car was in good enough condition to be driven away after the accident.

In all other types of accidents, the car seat must immediately be discarded and replaced with a new one.  Unfortunately, the study indicates to San Antonio car accident lawyers that many parents are not driving away from ERs with that kind of vital information.

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