Overloading Blamed for Crane Accident

by Cesar Perez on 01/17/2013

An excessive load is being blamed for a crane accident in New York that injured 7 workers recently.  The 200-foot mobile crane collapsed on a residential building under construction, trapping at least 3 workers underneath.  Now, preliminary investigations seem to suggest that the crane was carrying a load that was much higher than it was capable of.

This crane accident occurred in Queens.  The workers who were trapped underneath the crane sustained serious injuries.

The Department of Buildings has already begun an investigation into the accident.  Preliminary investigations seem to suggest that at the time of the accident, the crane was carrying a load that was more than twice its maximum specified weight-carrying capacity.  The investigations also suggest that the crane was operating outside its normal approved loading zone.

The Department of Buildings, which has been criticized in the past for its failure to adequately oversee the crane industry, has already swung into action.  It has suspended the license of the crane operator who was operating the crane at the time of the accident.  Construction work at the building, which is the site of a 25-story apartment complex, has also been suspended.

The crane operator was allegedly trying to lift a load of 23,900 pounds the time that the crane collapsed.  That was more than double the weight capacity for this mobile crane.  The Department of Buildings investigation also seems to indicate to Texas construction accident attorneys that the operator was not able to see the materials that were being lifted, and as a result, those materials were being lifted outside of the approved leading loading zone.

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