NHTSA Played Significant Role in Auto Recalls in 2012

by Francisco Guerra, IV. on 01/27/2013

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration played a significant role in the number of auto recalls last year, influencing recalls of more than 9 million vehicles in 2012.  Overall, the agency announced a total of more than 650 safety recalls that included more than 17.8 million vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acts as a regulatory body, and can influence recalls, but does not have the authority to order a recall.  Typically, the agency analyses consumer complaints to identify the need for a recall.  For instance, in 2012, the agency says that it received 41,912 complaints about potential auto safety defects.  Not all of these complaints ended in a recall.  In fact, not all of these complaints even triggered an investigation by the agency. 

However, that doesn't take away from the fact that consumers are the driving force behind auto safety in this country.  In fact, Houston product liability attorneys would advise car owners to take their role seriously, and bring any safety defects in their vehicle to the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by contacting the Office of Defects Investigation.  Your actions could help identify potentially serious auto defects, thereby ensuring that the agency and the manufacturer take appropriate action.

Even if a recall is announced, it can take weeks before the manufacturer is able to send out recall notices, alerting consumers about the defect.  In the meantime, consumers may be at risk of injuries.  Check out to get more information about recalls, and be updated about recalls involving your car.  You can sign up for automatic notifications of recalls, ensuring that you are aware of auto defects as soon as these are identified. 

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