Most Wrong Way Driving Accidents Involve Drunk Drivers, Senior Motorists

on 01/02/2013

Wrong way driving accidents are some of the deadliest accidents on our highways, killing more than 300 people every year.  These accidents are rare, but Houston car accident lawyers find that the fatality toll is high because they are high-speed, front impact accidents.  The National Transportation Safety Board recently analyzed a number of wrong way driving-related accidents that the Board has investigated.

The Board has arrived at a few conclusions, and has also issued several recommendations in order to reduce the risk of such accidents.  According to the report, most wrong way driving-related accidents involve intoxicated motorists.  In fact, drunk drivers cause more than 60% of all wrong way driving accidents.  For this reason, the Board recommends that states implement ignition interlock laws, even for first-time DUI offenders.

The Board also recommends that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration accelerate the process of development of an in-car alcohol detection system that can be installed in automobiles to detect the presence of alcohol in a person’s system.

The Board also found that senior drivers seem to have a much higher incidence of being involved in such accidents.  The Board recommends that the Federal Highway Administration work together with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to identify ways in which seniors can be protected from accidents that result from driving on the wrong side of the road.  The Board also recommends that all 50 states establish comprehensive highway safety programs that include senior drivers and eliminate the special risks that can increase the risk of such errors.  For instance, seniors may be more likely to end up on the wrong way of a highway when they miss highway signs that are hard to read.

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