Most Motorists Want in-Car Computer Safety Systems to Prevent Accidents

by Mark A. J. Fassold on 12/12/2012

Many Texas car accidents are caused by driver error.  It helps, however, if you're driving a car that comes with a computer safety system that not only alerts you when you are in danger of being involved in an accident, but also takes action to prevent an accident.  A new survey by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers finds that as many as 66% of all motorists want such computer safety systems in their cars.

Safety systems like lane departure warning systems, forward collision warning systems and electronic stability control perform a variety of tasks that are all designed to reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.  For instance, if you are driving while tired or sleepy, and are veering off your lane, your lane departure warning system will sound an alert, and in some cases, will guide your car back into your lane.

Such systems are widely available in many automobiles now, and along with forward collision warning systems, drowsy driving alerts, and a number of other systems, have become very popular among motorists.  In fact, San Antonio car accident lawyers believe that one of the reasons why highway accident fatality numbers have been declining is because more cars now come with such safety features.

About 44% of the respondents in the AAA survey said that they were in favor of audible or visual alert systems, while 34% preferred a system that would actually take action to prevent an accident like brake or steer.  The AAA study also found that erratic or reckless driving is a big concern for motorists, with as many as two thirds of the respondents in the study saying that they were very concerned about sharing the road with such drivers.  

As Texas automotive defect lawyers have seen, however, the safety systems designed to assist in the prevention of auto accidents can themselves fail. If you or someone you know purchased a vehicle equipped with safety features like those mentioned above, and those features failed due to a manufacturing or design defect, you may have a claim for product liability. You should speak to an experienced automotive defect lawyer as soon as possible to avoid missing out on your chance at a financial recovery.

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