More Worker Fatalities in Oil and Gas Industry

by Guy L. Watts II on 03/26/2013

The fatality toll in the oil and gas industry continues to mount.  Two workers were recently killed in accidents in this sector.

One worker was killed in an oilfield accident in Stephens County.  The worker died when he suffered serious injuries during an accident while servicing a pump jack unit.  The accident occurred just south of Breckinridge, and only came to light when other employees at the oilfield were alerted to the missing worker.  Emergency personnel responded to the scene of the accident, a search was launched, and the search led the crews to the oil well.  There, they found the man dead. 

Investigators believe the man had gone to the well to service the pump jack, when the accident occurred.  He suffered fatal injuries.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has already begun an investigation into the accident.

Yet another worker was killed in an accident in Nacogdoches County recently.  2 other workers were also injured in this accident.  The accident occurred when a high-pressure water line ruptured and exploded at a well site in Nacogdoches County.  One of the worker suffered serious injuries, and died instantly of his injuries. 

Both the deceased worker as well as the 2 injured workers was employed by Platinum Pressure Pumping, a company that is involved in fracking activities.

Texas work injury lawyers find that a combination of 3 factors -the complexity of procedures involved in extracting oil and gas from the earth, the pressure on oil and gas drilling companies to bump production and boost profits, and the consequent negligence of safety procedures - has contributed to a high toll of worker fatalities in this industry.

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