More Research Needed to Determine Cancer Risks from Metal-on-Metal Implants

on 05/03/2012

More long-term research is needed to determine whether people who have been implanted with metal-on-metal implants are at a higher risk of developing cancer.  A preliminary study has found no such link between cancer and these implants.

The results of the study were published recently in the British Medical Journal.  The researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter conducted an analysis of close to 41,000 patients.  They found that, in the 7 years following the surgery that implanted the metal-on-metal implants, these patients had no increased risk of developing cancer. 

However, hip implant recall lawyers will not take the results of the study to mean that the link between cancer and these implants can be completely ruled out.  The researchers are also calling for long-term, or in-depth research into these risks.  After all, these implants have also been linked to blood poisoning.  Cobalt and chromium ions have been found to leak from the metal-on-metal implants, and into the bloodstream of the patients, causing symptoms of blood poisoning. 

We need more research to determine whether such blood poisoning can increase a person's risk of developing cancer.  Some cancers may exist in the body in a latent state with symptoms only emerging years later. 

The concerns over all-metal hip implants have been around for just a few years now, and it's highly likely that over the next few years, as hip implant attorneys meet more patients at risk for device failure, that we will discover new complications associated with these implants.  Cancer could possibly be one of those complications.

The defective hip implant lawyers at our firm are currently investigating allegations of device failure, high revision surgery risks, metal poisoning and other safety issues with the use of metal-on-metal implants.  If you have been implanted with an all-metal hip implant, and have been experiencing pain, limited mobility, stiffness and other complications, consult with a lawyer at our firm to protect your rights.

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