Massive Investments in Chemicals For Shale Drilling

by Edward W. Allred on 03/15/2013

The much-maligned process of hydraulic fracturing has been the backbone of the oil and gas drilling boom in the Eagle Ford Shale.  However, Eagle Ford Shale lawyers believe that new and enhanced methods of hydraulic fracturing could be the thing of the future, as scientists come up with enhanced combinations of molecules that can help “drill” through rock and shale to the oil and gas trapped inside.

There is massive investment in the oil and gas drilling industry, and the focus is not on the development of larger rigs that can drill in deeper waters than ever before, but on invisible molecules that can more efficiently draw oil and gas from underground rocks.  Energy companies are investing in the development of such chemicals in labs across Houston and around the globe, and these labs are the currently the scene of groundbreaking research to develop chemicals that are more potent and powerful than ever before.

The point is to develop fluids that can reduce costs, increase productivity, boost profits and also cut down on environmental strain.  Much of the research involves scientists mixing together molecules and fluids, and testing combinations on rock samples in order to test whether these molecules are effective in drawing out oil and gas. 

There has been a lot of progress recently in using these hydraulic fracturing to break through underground rocks, and draw out the oil and gas trapped inside.  There have been a number of advancements recently in the industry that have allowed oil and gas energy companies to reach further and deeper into underground rocks.  Scientists have experimented with magnetically charged particles, which help energy companies evaluate precisely which part of the well produces the best oil.

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