Low-Wage Workers Suffer Terrible Impact from Injury

on 03/01/2013

With the employment situation still dire, more and more Americans are finding themselves in low-wage occupations, and such workers currently account for between 1/5th and one third of the American workforce.  According to a new study, when such workers suffer injuries, the economic impact of the injuries can be traumatic.

The study is titled Mom’s off Workers Cause She Got Hurt, and is contained in a policy brief by the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

The results of the study clearly indicate that low-wage workers are at a high risk of being financially traumatized after an injury.  Many of these workers live paycheck to paycheck, and have a mean average income of below 11.18 cents per hour.  When such workers suffer an injury, it throws their life off balance.  It can take them months, or even years, to actually get their balance back together again.

According to the policy brief, when a worker who earns such a low wage suffers an injury, it can have a major impact on the family's ability to spend on basic necessities.  If the worker suffers a serious injury like a third-degree burn, fracture or amputation, then he is required to take a few days off work. 

Unfortunately, low-wage workers do not enjoy many of the benefits that higher wage workers enjoy, like paid medical leave.  That means that when these workers suffer serious injuries that require them to be off work for several days, they lose their wages for those days. 

Even when the worker loses wages for just a couple of shifts, the impact on his paycheck is likely to be tremendous, increasing his financial struggles.

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