Injury Risks High for Older Motorcyclists

on 02/27/2013

If you’re a motorcyclist above the age of 40, your risk of being seriously injured in an accident is much higher than for a younger rider.  According to the results of a new study published in Injury Prevention, an older motorcyclist’s risk of being injured in an accident is 3 times as high as that for younger riders.

Those statistics are very disturbing to Houston motorcycle accident lawyers, because older men form a high proportion of motorcyclists on our roads today.  In fact, this is believed to be one of the fastest growing categories of new motorcyclists, with older motorcyclists above the age of 40 investing in new motorcycles in large numbers.

Often, these persons may invest in larger motorbikes that are much more likely to flip over during impact.  That means much more serious injuries for the motorcyclist. 

The research found that the steepest increase in injury risks was for motorcyclists above the age of 60.  In this category, motorcyclists were 2 ½ times more likely to be seriously injured in an accident, and 3 times as likely to be hospitalized for their injuries.  Compared to motorcyclists in their 20s and 30s, motorcyclists aged 40 to 59 were twice as likely to be hospitalized.

To avoid an accident, older motorcyclists above the age of 40 must invest in a motorcycle safety training course.  It doesn't matter if you were an expert rider when you were back in college 2 decades ago.  Road and traffic conditions are vastly different now than they did were even 10 years ago.  Motorcyclists must also wear helmets to protect themselves from serious or fatal head injuries.

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