Fear of Retaliation for Reporting Injuries Places Construction Workers at Risk

by Guy L. Watts II on 12/14/2012

Widespread fear of retaliation or reprisal for reporting injuries has meant that a large number of construction industry accidents and injuries are never reported.  Those are the findings of a new study, which shows the need for change in the existing climate which punishes workers for reporting injuries.

The researchers based their study on an anonymous survey of more than 1,000 carpenter apprentices.  According to the researchers, 58% of the carpenter apprentices reported that there were negative consequences if they reported injuries in their current workplace.  Sometimes, workers were disciplined after they reported suffering on-the-job injuries.  In such cases, reporting of related injuries dropped by 50%.  The researchers also found workers were very afraid of reprisal or retaliation for reporting injuries.

This indicates that there is a climate that penalizes workers for reporting injuries or for even getting injured, and as a result, many workers in the construction sector do not feel encouraged enough to report injuries.  That is proven by other statistics from the study. More than 30% of carpenters admitted that, very often, injuries are not reported in their workplace at all.

There's vast underreporting of construction-related injuries, and this is something that many Texas construction accident lawyers are aware of.  The construction sector is one of the most dangerous workplaces, and accounts for some of the highest numbers of dangerous accidents, including falls.  However, those are just the accidents that we know about.  There are an unquantified number of injuries occurring every year in the construction workplace that are going unreported, and this means that workers may continue to be at risk from an unsafe workplace.


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