Eagle Ford Shale Task Force Offers Communities Ideas to Benefit from Boom

by Edward W. Allred on 12/23/2012

One of the dangers of the ongoing Eagle Ford Shale boom that Eagle Ford Shale attorneys have been warning about is that the boom will only benefit oil and gas drilling companies and a few select landowners, without trickling down into the larger community.  An economic development task force recently released a report, which offers advice to communities about how to leverage the benefits from the Eagle Ford Shale boom in the southeast Texas region to improve their communities. 

Many of the counties that are home to the Eagle Ford Shale are rural counties with large impoverished populations.  According to the report that was published by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, these communities need to invest in education and workforce in order to reap the full benefits of the ongoing boom. 

The task force recommends, for instance, that these communities work together with companies and schools in order to develop educational programs that could help students prepare for a future in this field.  This is already happening with some schools in these counties offering courses that prepare students for a career in the oil and gas industry.

The task force is also recommending that communities work towards updating the image of a career in the Eagle Ford Shale Region in their communities, by focusing on these jobs as being high-wage, secure positions that offer challenging opportunities. 

The task force also addresses many concerns that these communities already have, especially those regarding road improvements in the Shale region.  Many of the roads in these areas have deteriorated since the drilling activity began, because of the constant movement of heavy trucks.  The task force encourages residents of these regions to call for road improvements to ensure safety.

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