Eagle Ford Shale’s Hidden Costs on Our Roadways

by Shalimar S. Wallis on 11/08/2013

Oil and gas development in the Eagle Ford Shale might bring more energy to Texas, but it is also bringing more fatalities to Texas roadways.  The Texas Department of Transportation reported 2,723 crashes and 248 fatalities occurred in the 23-county region in 2012.  That is a 40% increase in fatalities over one year.

The increase of commercial vehicles in the Eagle Ford Shale area increases the likelihood of serious or fatal accidents.  Because of the oilfield exemption, many oil tanker drivers enter Texas highways tired and overworked.  The oilfield exemption is a law that exempts the time drivers spend waiting on oilfields from their federally mandated hourly driving limits.  While drivers are normally limited to 14 hours of driving per day, if they are made to wait for 15 hours on an oilfield, they have not exhausted their 14-hour driving time.  That would make for a 29-hour working day.

The commercial trucking industry surrounding the oilfields of Eagle Ford Shale puts you, your children, and your neighbors at risk by placing tired drivers behind the wheels of large oil tankers and other heavy, commercial grade machinery.  As you drive on these dangerous south Texas roadways, make sure to take the proper precautions.

1.  Drive defensively.  Watch for other vehicles, especially commercial trucks, on the road.  If they are driving erratically, pull over and call 911.

2.  End distracted driving.  Do not text while driving, and if you must use your cell phone in your vehicle, use a handless device like a Bluetooth headset.

3.  Be well rested.  Do not drive while sleepy.  Just as the drivers of commercial vehicles can cause accidents while tired, so can you.  Be alert as you drive on Texas highways.

4.  Obey traffic laws. Stop at red lights and stop signs, drive at a safe speed, and pass other vehicles carefully.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a commercial truck or oil tanker in the Eagle Ford Shale area, please contact us immediately.  Watts Guerra will represent you and fight for justice from the companies that negligently caused injury.

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