Eagle Ford Shale Boom Has Increased Risk to Motorist Safety

by Edward W. Allred on 04/09/2013

The oil and gas drilling boom in southeast Texas has meant profits and prosperity for a lot of people and corporations, but it has also meant that life has become much more dangerous for motorists here than before the boom. According to some estimates, the fatal accident rate in the Eagle Ford Shale counties has spiked by as much as 40%. 

According to statistics released by the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 248 accident fatalities in the Eagle Ford Shalecounties in 2012.  However, the previous year, the fatality number was just 177.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to an increase in road accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale region.  There has been an increase in vehicular traffic on the roads, and this increase in cars and trucks connected to the oil and gas drilling activity here, has meant a higher risk of accidents. 

However, Eagle Ford Shale lawyers find that increase in road traffic isn't the only reason for this spike in highway fatalities here.  The problem is that increased prosperity in the region hasn't necessarily translated into better road conditions.  According to some estimates, roads that were carrying just about 200 vehicles a day now see about 2,400 vehicles every day.  That is a substantial increase in stress on highways and roads. The roads are at risk of tremendous wear and tear, not just because of the higher amount of traffic, but also because of the large number of commercial trucks plying these roads. 

Even with all the increased prosperity in this region, not enough money has been invested in maintenance and upkeep, with predictable consequences.  

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