Eagle Ford Shale Boom Linked to Increase in Drug Trafficking

by Edward W. Allred on 08/01/2012

There’s no doubt that road connectivity in the Eagle Ford Shale Share region has been enhanced with the increase in drilling activity in the region.  Hundreds of miles of private back roads have been constructed to accommodate increasing traffic.  However, there has been one side effect of this increased connectivity that not many Eagle Ford Shale lawyers had foreseen.  Drug traffickers have been increasingly using these roads in their activities across the border. The Shale boom is allowing drug traffickers to bypass checkpoints.

Earlier, connectivity to remote ranch lands was restricted because of the lack of good roads.  These roads now allow hundreds of tractor-trailers and pickups that are involved in the drilling activities, to travel.  According to some reports, the traffickers are using this increased facility to corrupt some workers like truck drivers, contractors as well as gate personnel.  The Eagle Ford Shale stretches all the way from Mexico to East Texas, and drug traffickers have been using this proximity, as well as the increased connectivity to corrupt some impressionable minds. 

Besides, there is also some speculation that these drug traffickers are trying to make copies of legitimate vehicles used by oil and gas drilling companies and vehicles that are used by contractors to carry out their drug trafficking operations.  This is being done in order to avoid detection.

Also, some vehicles have been stolen, possibly to be used by drug traffickers.  It's not just drugs that are possibly being trafficked on these roads.  Law enforcement agencies also believe that guns and ammunition are also being transported.

According to the South Texas High-Intensity Drug Traffic Area, it is still trying to understand the scope of the problem, and determine the kind of solutions that can be implemented here.  

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