Defective Infant Sleep Aids in the Spotlight

by Paige Boldt on 01/15/2013

Parents around the country make use of recliners, sleepers and other infant sleep aids in order to put their children to sleep at home or in the car.  However, Houston product liability attorneys have found a number of recent product recalls and warnings of defects involving these products. 

Four retailers across the country recently issued a voluntary recall of Nap Nanny baby recliners, after these were linked to several fatalities.  In another case, Fisher Price has recalled 800,000 recliner seats due to mold contamination hazards.

The case of the Nap Nanny recliners is clearly disturbing.  The 4 retailers who announced the recall - Bye-Bye Baby,, Amazon.Com and Toys "R" Us/Babies R - have announced the recall, because the company that manufactured the recliners failed to do so.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission negotiated with the company, Baby Matters LLC which manufactures these recliners, to discuss a recall plan.  However, the company continues to insist that its products are safe when used properly, and that they pose no danger.   The 4 retailers are not taking any risks with consumers and have announced a massive recall of these products from their store shelves. 

These recliners have been linked to at least 5 infant fatalities, and dozens of reports involving children who almost fell out of the recliners.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has warned parents that the Nap Nanny recliners have a defective design, and also come with inadequate instructions that increase the risk of injury or fatality to a child.

In the latest sleeper-related recall, more than 800,000 Fisher-Price Newborn Rock and Play sleepers have been pulled off shelves, because of mold exposure and corresponding respiratory problems.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is a risk of mold development between the removable seat cushion and the plastic frame of the sleeper, posing a potential risk of respiratory problems.

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