Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Accident

by Mikal C. Watts on 01/16/2012

Maritime rescue teams continue to search the giant cruise ship Costa Concordia, which ran aground off the Italian coast.  Sixteen cruise ship passengers remain missing out of the 4,200 people aboard the vessel at the time of the maritime accident.  Over 60 crewmembers and passengers were injured as a result of the tragic incident.

The cruise liner Captain Francesco Schettino was arrested this weekend on charges of manslaughter and abandoning his ship before a complete evacuation took place.  Costa Cruises, the vessel owner, has publicly blamed Captain Schettino for the accident.  Carnival Corp, based out of Miami, Florida, is the parent company of Costa Cruises.  Carnival faces millions of dollars in financial losses over this cruise ship accident.  Carnival is the world’s largest cruise ship company, with over 100 vessels in operation around the world.

In happier news, a South Korean couple on their honeymoon, and a crewman, have been rescued.  Our maritime lawyers hope for additional positive news to come from the ongoing search and rescue efforts in Italy.  This serious maritime accident reminds us just how dangerous offshore work and travel can be.  If all safety procedures are not followed, the results can be catastrophic.

Cruise ship injury cases involve a complex set of laws that most personal injury lawyers never deal with.  If you or someone you know have suffered a financial loss, a physical injury, or wrongful death as the result of a maritime accident, please contact Watts Guerra Craft for assistance.

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