Construction Worker Killed in San Antonio Fall Accident

by Francisco Guerra, IV. on 03/07/2013

Fall accidents are the number one killer in the construction sector, accounting for a large number of the fatalities in the sector every year.  The tragedy is that so many of these fall accidents are entirely preventable.  In the latest tragedy in the construction sector, a worker died after a fall accident along US Highway 281 this week.

The accident occurred on Highway 281, when the worker was placing corrugated metal into a frame on the construction site.  He lost his footing, and fell.  According to some reports, the worker was wearing a personal fall arrest system, but police believe that it was probably not attached to a secure location, and therefore did not prevent his fall.

Investigations into the accident are ongoing.  Investigations are specifically looking at whether the worker was wearing a personal fall restraint system, and whether it was functioning properly.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration meanwhile has begun its own investigation.

Most fall accidents in the construction sector involve falls on the same level, or falls from a higher elevation.  Both of these are very serious.  Personal fall arrest systems and personal restraint systems can help prevent injuries when a person is working on an elevation like a roof or on scaffolding.

Unfortunately, it's not enough to provide workers with personal restraint systems.  It is also important to teach them how to use these systems properly.  In this case, any San Antonio construction accident lawyer will inevitably raise questions about whether the worker had been trained to wear his harness properly, and secure it to a safe location.

The kind of injuries that result in a fall accident like brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries can be serious enough to cause long term damage, and even death.

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