Concerns about Construction Zone Safety After Houston County Accident

by P. Brian Berryman on 07/29/2012

The Texas Department of Transportation is urging motorists to take special care when they travel through construction work zones, after a work zone accident in Houston County killed one person and left 5 injured.

The accident occurred at a construction zone in Houston County just 1 mile east of Crockett on state Highway 7.  A tractor-trailer crashed into 4 cars that were waiting in line to travel through the zone.  A 59-year-old man sustained serious injuries, and died at the scene of the accident.  At least one person was seriously injured, and had to be airlifted to the hospital.  Another person was also seriously injured, and continues to remain in the hospital.

According to witnesses at the scene of the accident, the 4 cars that were struck were lined in a row, when the tractor-trailer crashed into them.  The victim who died was in the first car that was struck by the tractor-trailer.  It wasn't just the motorists in these cars who were injured or killed in this accident.  The man who was flagging cars through the construction zone, also suffered serious injuries.

The Texas Department of Transportation is taking this work zone accident to illustrate the dangers to motorists, truck drivers and workers when highway work zone safely rules are not followed.  Traveling through a work zone is extremely dangerous not just for motorists, but also highway workers. 

Unfortunately, San Antonio truck accident attorneys find far too many motorists speeding through work zones, with little care for the highway workers, who are trying to make the roads safer for us.  Other times, motorists don't bother to switch off their cell phones, or continue using their texting devices, while they race through a construction zone.

In fact, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, distractions, speeding and failure to keep a safe distance with the vehicle in front are the three major causes of highway work zone accidents. 

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