Commercial Litigation and Contingent Fees

by Edward W. Allred on 09/17/2013

Watts Guerra LLP handles several areas of commercial litigation nationally.  With a firm of over 140 employees, including 21 trial lawyers, Watts Guerra can handle your case with swift efficiency and years of litigation success.  Our firm has a unique standing among America's top commercial law firms with offices across Texas, unmatchable resources, and tenacity in prosecuting cases nationwide. 

At Watts Guerra LLP, we understand that individuals and companies can be seriously injured by contract disputes, fraud, and all other manners of deceptive or negligent practices.  Our unique skill set allows us to provide you with superior representation in your time of need. 

We are uniquely positioned to handle the following types of commercial litigation:

Watts Guerra LLP is comprised of a team of successful, aggressive commercial trial lawyers.  Our law offices are located across Texas, but our firm accepts cases throughout the United States on a contingency basis – we do not charge an hourly rate like most large defense firms. We do not get paid unless we are able to successfully obtain compensation on your behalf.  Our track record with commercial litigation allows us to work with you on terms that will make you comfortable.

Feel free to look at our past case results.  While past results are not indicative of guaranteed future success, we do promise to work on your case with the same level of skill.  Attorneys, if you have a client requiring commercial litigation representation, please feel free to contact us to discuss joint venture opportunities.  

If you would like to discuss your litigation options, contact us online or call us at (800) 294-0055.


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