Coastal Bend Airports to Benefit from Eagle Ford Shale Boom

by Edward W. Allred on 01/04/2013

Passengers and Eagle Ford Shale lawyers using local airports in the Coastal Bend region can now expect smoother and safer flights thanks to the drilling boom.  The revenues that are being generated by oil and gas drilling in this region are now being used for upgrades for airports here. 

Indirectly too, the Eagle Ford Shale boom is affecting aviation expansion here. Many local airports are using funds from state agencies to boost operations because of the spike in oil and gas industry executive traffic to the region.

Development in the Eagle Ford Shale has meant heightened economic activity and greater profits.  The revenues being generated as a result of the drilling are now being used to make improvements to airports that have long been in need of repairs. 

The Chase Field Industrial Airport is likely to receive GPS systems that will allow pilots to use instruments to land, rather than simply using sight, like they're doing currently.  That means much safer landing, in all types of weather conditions.  The price tag for this improvement is expected to be around $200,000, and about 50% of that is likely to come from the development authority as well as private donations.

In the City of Alice, as much as $5 million may be spent over the next couple of years on upgrades to the airport, including a new lighting system, as well as striping and repaving of the runways.  Plans are also in place to establish a precision landing instrument at the airport. 

This airport expansion is not being funded by revenues from the Shale, but by the Texas Department of Transportation.  The increase in aviation traffic as a result of the shale drilling activity has resulted in a necessity for such repairs and expansions.  There are many industry executives now using these airports to fly in and out of the Shale region, meaning that these upgrades are much needed.

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