Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports Drop in Worker Fatalities in 2011

on 10/05/2012

Preliminary data by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has some very encouraging news for workers as well as San Antonio workplace injury lawyers.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, the number of workers fatally injured in 2011 was lower than the number of fatalities in 2010.

In all, there were 4,609 work-related fatalities in 2011, which was a drop from 4,690 fatalities in 2010.  That is a significant drop, and the Bureau Of Labor Statistics is justifiably proud of this accomplishment. 

None of this should be taken to mean that workers are very safe now in the American workplace.  Consider this - 13 workers die every day in workplace accidents.  However, there are some very heartening findings in the report. 

For instance, the construction sector reported a drop in the number of fatal work injuries.  In this sector, work-related fatalities dropped to 721, from a high of 734 the previous year.  That is a drop of 7%, and what’s even more encouraging to Houston construction accident lawyers, is that this was the 5th consecutive year that the construction sector has reported a drop in fatality numbers.  In fact, this 2006, there has been a drop of 42% in the number of construction work-related fatalities.

The number of fatalities involving non-Hispanic black and African-American workers however, increased in 2011.   Among non-Hispanic white workers, the fatality numbers were down by 3%. 

Senior workers as well as young workers below the age of 18 were much safer in 2011, compared to the previous year.  However, among workers in the 20 to 24 age group, the number of fatalities was actually up by 18% during the same period of time.

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