ATV Accidents Very Likely to result in Additional Spinal Injuries

by Francisco Guerra, IV. on 02/22/2013

An analysis of pediatric ATV-related injuries finds that children are very likely to suffer spinal injuries, and also associated spinal and non-spinal injuries.

The researchers analyzed a national database of ATV-related injuries, and found that there have been significant increases both in the number as well as severity of the injuries.  There was a 240% increase in the number of child-related ATV injuries between 1997 and 2006, as well as a 436% increase in the number of spine injuries resulting from ATV accidents.

One major finding from the analysis was that in many children who suffer from ATV-related spinal injuries, there was also the risk of associated spinal injuries.  In fact, the researchers recommend that pediatricians, who examine a child patient who has suffered an ATV-related accident, look for a number of these associated spinal as well as nonspinal injuries, including abdominal injuries and closed head injuries.  Doctors must also look out associated spinal fractures, appendicular skeletal fractures or neurological injuries. 

The doctors are especially concerned about associated and additional spinal injuries, because these secondary injuries are very often missed during diagnosis.  Typically, these associated spinal injuries are in a different area of the spine than the first injury, and are much more likely to be missed by doctors.

The researchers also find that ATV-related spinal injuries are also different in that they are much more common among females and older children, than younger children.  Overall, the research found that spinal injuries are the most common injuries resulting from ATV accidents involving children.

The ATV industry has made several promises about upgrading the safety of its vehicles, by improving usage instruction quality and inserting warnings.  However, Houston product liability attorneys have found that those measures have not been adequate, and this is reflected in the ever-growing number of ATV-related injuries.

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