Accident Risks from Wrong Use of GPS by Truck Drivers

by William J. “Will” Maiberger, Jr. on 04/05/2013

The federal administration has begun warning truck drivers that their use of the wrong GPS device could result in an accident by failing to provide them the right kind of navigation information.

The problem is when commercial truck or bus drivers who drive large, bulky vehicles use GPS devices that are actually meant for motorists.  GPS devices are widely available in any shop, and any bus driver can walk in and buy a device.  However, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a GPS device that is actually meant for a smaller vehicle can actually lead to an accident when it is used to navigate a large vehicle.

Texas truck accident lawyers fear that GPS devices that are meant for smaller vehicles may not give truck and bus drivers important information like tunnel clearance, bridge overpasses, and other important details.  For instance, when a truck driver who is using a GPS device that is meant for a smaller vehicle, follows these navigation instructions, and drives under a bridge, he may not realize that the bridge does not have enough clearance for the top of the tractor-trailer to pass through.  The result could be a devastating, and possibly, even fatal accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has already begun issuing cards to commercial truck drivers that warn drivers that the use of GPS devices that are meant for passenger vehicles could be a serious accident risk.  The cards urge drivers to use GPS devices that are developed for large trucks, and contain information like road restrictions.  These devices actually help truck drivers by providing them information about how to avoid these high-risk bridges.

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