A Busy November for the FDA

by Paige Boldt on 11/29/2013

In November of this year alone, the FDA recalled 13 drugs or devices.  This number does include companies that agreed to voluntarily recall their products through the FDA.  The drugs and devices recalled this month include unsterile products, unapproved drugs, and defective products.

Most of the drugs recalled over the last month were unapproved dietary supplements.  The infamous Fen Phen diet drug litigation taught us that dietary supplements often have long lasting and dangerous side effects.  The FDA must be vigilant in finding these dangerous drugs and taking them off of pharmacy shelves.

The FDA recalled the following drugs and devices this month alone:

Babies R Us, Care One and more – acetaminophen infant liquid dropper

Vega ONE – an unapproved drug/dietary supplement

OxyElite Pro – a dietary supplement associated with serious liver damage or acute liver failure

VitaliKOR – an unapproved drug/dietary supplement

Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center – unsterile products in the form of an injectable drug or eyedropper

Medtronic, Inc. – defective cardiac guidewires

Jobbers Wholesale – an unapproved drug/dietary supplement

RezzRx – an unapproved drug/dietary supplement

Tendex – an unapproved drug/dietary supplement

Deseo Rebajar Inc. – an unapproved drug/dietary supplement

Medtronic, Inc. – Viscocel and Viscocel Plus, distributed in the U.S. without FDA approval, and were released with sterility and biocompatibility issues

Baxter International, Inc. – particulates found in 5% Dextrose Injections

FreeStyle and FreeStyle Lite – defective blood glucose tests 

For a full list of items recalled by the FDA, including food products, please see their website

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