Spinal Injury-Stem Cell Trials Report Positive Outcomes

by William J. “Will” Maiberger, Jr. on 09/24/2012

Researchers at the Balgrist University Hospital in Switzerland are reporting significant success in initial preliminary trials into the use of stem cells to treat serious spinal cord injuries.

According to the researchers, out of the 3 patients who were enrolled in the preliminary safety trials, two have reported the recovery of some degree of sensation in the part of the body below the injured site.  According to these patients, they had absolutely no sensation in that area before they began the trials.  The stem cells in this trial came from fetal brain tissue.

According to the researchers, they found that these patients were able to respond to light stimuli, including touch, heat and electrical stimulation.  They did not expect this level of response because this was a preliminary trial.

Any San Antonio personal injury attorney, who frequently deals with victims with severe spinal cord injuries as the result of trucking and car accidents, would be very encouraged with those findings.  That's because these are just preliminary trials that mainly focused on the safety of the stem cell injections.  If there has been this degree of progress in the safety trials, there is reason to believe that as the trials progress and become more intense, more improvement could be seen in these patients. 

None of this should be taken to mean that a complete cure for spinal cord injury is just around the corner.  However, this is the first time that scientists have reported such positive outcomes from the use of stem cells to treat catastrophic spinal injury, and therefore, news of the progress is very welcome.

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